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2 Pond/Waterproof Lights

3 Area/Pathway Lights

2 Spot Lights

Tier 2

3 Pond/Waterproof Lights

5 Area/Pathway Lights

4 Spot Lights

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Lighting Packages!

4 Pond/Waterproof Lights

7 Area/Pathway Lights

8 Spot Lights

Tier 3

Tier 1

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​​​​​​​Adding Dramatic Lighting is the Best way to Show off Your Beautiful, New Outdoor Living Space. In Addition to Allowing You to Entertain Outdoors in the Evenings, Lighting Features also Provide Peace of Mind and Added Security to Your Home.  Safety Experts Recommend Outdoor Landscape Lighting as an Important Component in Any Home Security System.  

(Lighting Fixtures Can be Swapped for One Another)

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