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Although a little water loss in a Water Feature is normal from evaporation, significant water loss indicates you likely have [...]

Each type of fish has their differences.  The 2 most popular fish in a backyard pond are Koi and Goldfish.  When it comes to feeding it is important to keep [...]

Some People Choose the Pond Life, Others Fall into it.....What does that Mean? [...]

Aquatic plants in a pond not only helps with the overall beauty of a pond but provide benefits that are [...]

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I Don’t do Yoga, meditate or go on long walks to unwind.  All Seem like viable options [...]

The earth is known as the Blue Planet for a reason, it's no surprise that water is [...]

Adding fish to your pond can be one of the most exciting parts of being a pond owner.  Not only are they fun pets they are also [...]

Pond predators are not a fun problem, but they are however a common one.  With Herons, Hawks, Raccoons, Fox, cats, snakes and [...]

It’s a common question, “do I need a heater for my pond”?  If you live in a region that below freezing temperatures are [...]

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The Auto Dosing System is a Incredible Device For Any Pond, Fountain or [...]

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The IonGen is a Incredible Device for Any Pond or Pondless Water Feature.  It is an Electronic Algae Controller that Keeps Your [...]

It’s Fall! And just like the name implies, things are falling from the sky.[...]

The Water Quality of your pond is not only important to keeping your water looking clean but also important to [...]

Choosing weather or not to leave your pond pump running through the winter doesn’t need to be a tough task.[...]

Pond Pro Tips for Fall & Winter Pond Maintenance [...]

Spring Season is a very exciting time of the year especially for pond owners.  Plants will begin to blossom, fish become more [...]

Nothing adds more to a landscape than a beautiful Water Feature.  For homeowners who own these wonderful Waterscapes [...]